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How'd you find me? 

44 deviants said Bakaneko, long, long, ago.
40 deviants said I honestly don't remember
39 deviants said Searching DA for 3D Tutorials
29 deviants said From one of your tutorials posted on the webs
21 deviants said Random DA browsing
18 deviants said Some other way (comment?)

Devious Comments

I remembered stumbling across one of your tutorials (the one where you taught to draw using muscles and what not) eons ago. Today I wanted to share it with some people learning to draw but sadly I couldn't remember where the site was, so did a Google search and found that familiar anatomy drawing and presto~
Google image search for 'face/front and profile 3D references'.
innactpro Aug 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Your points donation thing.
OOOOH, LESSEEE....I met you in high school. I was jealous/envious of the DBZ shirts you wore, and..always made a comment to you when I saw you. At first, my comments, I think borderlined on creepy? As per what Meghan told me anyway XD though, if I remember later on, I backed off cause I didn't want to offend you and just said hi. I later joined the Anime club that you and your then boyfriend which, Meghan tormented me about the meeting I missed where you showed an episode/movie of DBZ with Vegeta in the shower -_-'
I was there and remember that awesome reaction everyone in the club gave when you showed up...can't remember which movie title it was (DBZ) where a load of bad guys were brought back from hell, and Goten and Trunks were ontop of a building and next we know..we see Frieza's tail, and the ENTIRE club, I swear, all went "OH SHIT!"

...yeah XD I also used to take part in the Oekaki on Baka-neko, I went under lol
Athey Aug 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Oh wow - lol. Trip down memory lane. Hey, wanna know some crazy schiznit? My boyfriend from back at the anime club? I married him. heh. So he and I are still together.

Man, I remember that anime club - heh. I think it was Mr. Free who I got to be out club sponsor? Or maybe not... wait - I think maybe it was a math teacher? Anyway, I remember when I played Rurouni Kenshin, how uneasy he got because of the language - haha. The translators translated all of the Japanese slang with fairly appropriate English cuss words, so they were throwing around f-bombs. I'd totally forgotten about that - haha. He politely asked me afterwards to be more careful in the future.
I know you two are married, but he was your boyfriend at the time so, that's why I said "at the time"
And, not going to lie, I cannot remember a lot of the teachers names that I had, though I liked most of them. I remember Mr. Free's name but, I don't recall what class he may of taught. I thought a female teacher sponsored it though?
Athey Aug 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I'm like 99% positive it was sponsored by a male teacher, and I'm fairly sure it was Mr. Free. He taught the autoCAD class, and the Desktop Publishing class, and the print-screening class. I was his student assistant in 12th grade, I think. Or maybe it was 11th grade and 12th grade I was Mrs. Leudtke's assistant. Don't totally remember. Anyway, I helped Mr. Free with the Desktop (aka photoshop) class, and he and I would talk 3dsmax because I had it pirated at home, and he'd just gotten a couple copies of it on the school computers that year.

I'm almost positive that he was the one I talked into sponsoring the club, but at the same time, I'm also positive that it was held in the classroom that I had math in, so maybe I got my math teacher to sponsor it instead... or maybe it was just the only available classroom for the timeslot. Meh - whatever. Ancient history. haha.
I have no idea, I was sadly only there for one year..then shit happened, as usual, and right before the end of the school year...we moved. Lost all, and I mean ALL of my credits for that last semester..quarter?...whatever. I just know, that...when we moved to David City, I had to take a more than a few freshman classes than I should have due to their "graduation requirements". I felt so..humiliated. I think I was in 10th or 11th grade, I seriously do not recall. Moved like..4 times between the time of 10th and 12 grade.
I know the Club was not hosted in the same room each time. Most of the time it was, I think, but I know sometimes it wasn't.

Best reason to be able to skip the class I hated though, shouldn't say that, but so true.
Liz-EE Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Someone commented on ~Fentonxd's Gallery about you.
binarystep Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You were visiting OmegaTheFinalProject. Fun times...
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