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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 4, 2012, 7:30 PM

Being someone who frequents this site, it's obviously impossible for me not to be aware of the new My Little Pony show (and I use the descriptor 'new' lightly, as I know it's been around a while now - but it's 'new' as far as I'm concerned, since I grew up in the 80's watching the original show).  But being 'aware' of the show, is obviously not the same as actually watching it.  I don't have cable or satellite, or any traditional mode of television at all, so it's not even been possible for me to just randomly stumble across the show.

I recently noticed, however, that the show is on Netflix.  My daughter has been cycling through a number of shows lately, and one of them, I find horribly horribly annoying, so one day we boot up Netflix and I see that she's about to go to this uber annoying show again and I see MLP on the recommended list and I talk her into giving it a try instead.  I figure, with as many people who are obsessed with the show, at the very lease, it has to be better than the pos she was going to watch instead.  heh

So yeah - it's cool.  Better than a lot of other cartoons my kids watch - at the very least, its definitely animated well.  Anyway, we've gone through the whole first seasons so far, and yesterday she was watching the show again and it got to the episode where Discord shows up.  Now, obviously, I've seen the character before.  There's fanart all over this site, and it's impossible to NOT see it.

However, I had never HEARD him before.

It took all of 30 seconds of him speaking for the first time, for me to end up on IMDB to confirm my suspicions.  And holy crap - he's Q.  lol.  Like - literally, that character is molded specifically after Q from Star Trek.  He even snaps his fingers and disappears in a flash of white light to reappear somewhere else a second later.

He's freakin' Q!  

okay, okay.  I'm a dork.  But Star Trek:TNG was one of my great loves during the 90's, so I had myself a little geek-spasm when I realized I was right.
Being the thorough type that I am, I ended up on the MLP wiki where it mentioned in some interview with Lauren Faust that she said that, yes, the character was inspired by Q, and apparently they originally thought that they'd just try to get someone who sounded like John De Lancie, but ended up thrilled when they realized that they could actually get him to do the voice.  

So yeah - that's really all I had to say on that.  lol.

Oh man, right now my daughter is watching this show from Nick called Tuff Puppy and I just want to rip my ears off.  I'm not impressed.
And there's so damn many familiar voice actors in it.  Professor Frink's voice actor is talking right now and it's like, exactly Prof Frink.  Kinda scrambling my brain.  Oh gawd, it's just so stupid. Someone save me.

I wonder if my mom cringed in horror at the crappy cartoons I watched as a kid.  I've gone back for the nostalgia-value and rewatched some of them in more recent years, and some of them really were gawd-awful.  lol.

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PencilGoblin Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
MLP: Friendship is Magic, is just one of those things that is genuinely good. I think people just get put off by the overly girly appearance, and obviously the awkward fan base.

I had to get dragged into watching it by a coworker (total brony). Once I saw Lauren Faust's name on there, I knew it would be good, having loved Powerpuff girls and Fosters.

But when you get down to it, the characters are really well nuanced in a way that feels very human. Lauren Faust is a great writer, and she put a lot of love and thought into the show.
Vysuki Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012
I'm an 80's kid too, watching shows like Gummie Bears, Tail Spin, duck tails, looney toons, darkwing duck, animanics etc as I grew, it's amazing how many voices you can find in even modern shows that are still voiced by the actors from that generation.

Obviously Rob Paulsen being one of the most famous. But this also applies to japanese anime, some of the voice actors there have been in dozens of shows.

The pony show is pretty good as my little girl watches it, but unfortunatly the majority of the fans happen to be adults who go incredibly obsessive over the show to a scary level :S

The entire 3 series is up on youtube too.
the-stephy-powers Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Honestly, I drove my mom and everyone crazy with Barney. My bf was a Barney fan too. I will be disappointed if my son and/or this unborn baby do not like Barney at all. I can't remember anything else that I watched obsessively as a young kid.
Athey Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Haha - Barney was around a number of years after I was of the age to enjoy it - so I was among the teenaged crowd that cringed in horror, rather than enjoying it. My son and daughter found it on Netflix, though, and watched it a number of times while my husband was in crunch at work, but once we had normal hours again and was around to care, he veto'd it instantly - haha.
CaseyD2K Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I have strictly enforced a no Barney rule in my home haha! I used to help babysit foster kids when I was in high school and they watched so much Barney it was ridiculous. I've seen so much of it (Even old episodes that had Selena Gomez in them) that I will never, ever watch it again.

As for My Little Pony my oldest daughter loves it and even has a few Pony's of her own as well as a couple of old school ones my wife gave her from childhood.

I think the animation is great, the show can be a little annoying at times but overall I think it's done well, and it's better than Barney so I am all about it haha!
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