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Okay, so my husband has been trying for about a year to found his own indie VR game studio.  This has involved a significant number of trips to San Francisco and has now cemented the idea that all Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists and Investors, are ass-hats who only care about money and increasing the value of the company so they can sell it for a greater return in a couple years.

My husband's desire is much more in line with creating awesome games and not having to answer to 'money people' who exist without any creative sense, or basic human integrity.

As part of the goal of funding the studio without having to sell his soul, or a controlling interest in his company, he's spent the last two months virtually killing himself working on his entry for the Oculus Mobile VR Jam.

The top winner gets $200,000 in cash.  Two 'Gold' level winners get $100k each.  Four 'Silver' level winners get $50k each.  Ten Bronze level winners get $10k each, and so on.  So there's loads of opportunity to score some decent funding, even if he's not at the top.

Just the same, I think his game has a super legit chance of ranking very high, and we would be really appreciative if you would vote for it, even if you don't have an Gear VR to give it a test run yourself.

You can see videos of the gameplay, testimonials from some buds who helped make the game, and other nifties here:

---->  <----

Click the link at the top of that page to get to the voting page.

I modeled & rigged the characters for it.  

Danny Sex-Bang from the Game Grumps & Ninja Sex Party lent his voice and persona to one of the characters.  He is such a fucking amazing voice actor, and he's hilarious.  

His friend and our neighbor Katie designed one of the other characters based on her likeness (she's in his latest video as the girlfriend at the start of it that he runs away from for fear of a meaningful relationship).

Qu and Bit from my husband's other game-in-progress, Vanguard V, is one of the other characters to choose from, and Rix from a 'VR Music Experience' that Justin's helping his buddy Jake Kaufman (Virt) fund and make, is one of the other characters.

Lastly are characters based on Cymatic Bruce of Road to VR, and Karl Krantz, the man behind SVVR.

All the animation is motion captured, the music is from Jake Kaufman (Virt) who you may know from Shovel Knight, and the Ducktails remake soundtrack among a zillion and one other projects.

Justin (husband) and one starving programmer made the game almost entirely on their own for the last two months.  Another programmer friend helped in the beginning, but he had to bail towards the later half since he was filing for bankruptcy.  So - the prize money would be good!  Like, super-duper helpful.

So - PLEASE!  It would be so cool of you to head over to that site and spend the minute necessary to sign up for the site and place a vote.
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I'm 32, I have two kids, a boy and a girl, and I've been married for 10 years to a guy I met when I was in 8th grade, and married directly after college.

I've previously been a professional 3D artist, although now I work at home and do the mom-thing. I worked for Sony Computer Entertainment for 8 years, and worked on five published titles, including several Syphon Filter games, a Resistance game and an Uncharted game.

Mostly, my contribution to the nets is made up of tutorials. I started making drawing tutorials back in highschool, when I honestly had no business instructing anyone of anything. Now, mostly I make 3d tutorials. Most of them are here on my DA page.

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I found some of your wireframe planning drawings and realised they were all by the same person- you, I'm just learning 3D myself and I wanted to say that you're really good at it! :) I find the 3D printing you do also really cool, as well as your models, so I'll be watching your gallery. Keep up all the good work!
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hey man, i need you to post something on your 3d modeling group. I need an artwork made for me as a 3d render. Its not something I know how to make and would like someone to make it for me.
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