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Mature tags on stuff isn't something that I used to give a crap about.  As a registered user, I had it set to show everything, because I didn't give a shit, and there's some awesome art that also happens to be mature.

Now, however, my daughter has taken an interest in looking at art on Deviant Art.  She likes to look over my shoulder on occasion when I randomly browse the front page, and since I'm doing the driving, it's not a huge deal, but she still sees the thumbnails.  

In any case, thanks to this, I turned on the mature filter, to avoid coming across thumbnails for anything that I'd rather my 8-year old not seeing.  

The problem is that it appears a lot of people don't use the damn mature tag on their posts.

I know that's one of the things that the report button is for, but I'm not inclined to pull that kind of shit.  Having too many deviations reported for mature content can get your account banned, and I'm not cool with that.  I'm not about to risk getting a decent artist booted off the site because they forgot a damn checkbox when submitting their stuff.

At the same time, I don't want to be one of 'those' people - the mom going onto a site and complaining about tits.  That's shit.  Really, it is.  

Thing is, I don't even really worry much about her coming across some nudity.  It's the fetish shit that I'd really like to shelter her from, at least a little bit longer.

It's kind of crap that I can't let my daughter search for My Little Pony art on this site.  Or Sonic the Hedghog.  Those are two of her favorite series and she wanted a new Sonic background for her ipad and asked if we could find something on DA.

Let my daughter search for Sonic art on DA?  HA!  No.  Sorry, but No.  Soooo much freaky fetish shit.  And it's not like I'm against people having their kinks.  That's fine.  Just put a Fucking Mature Tag on that shit.  For fucks sake.

When you post something - I don't care if it's got nudity or not.  Ask yourself 'would I want my 7-year old 'cousin / sister / friend's kid' to see this?  If the answer is 'No', then it needs a mature tag.

It's better to err on the side of caution.
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I'm 32, I have two kids, a boy and a girl, and I've been married for 10 years to a guy I met when I was in 8th grade, and married directly after college.

I've previously been a professional 3D artist, although now I work at home and do the mom-thing. I worked for Sony Computer Entertainment for 8 years, and worked on five published titles, including several Syphon Filter games, a Resistance game and an Uncharted game.

Mostly, my contribution to the nets is made up of tutorials. I started making drawing tutorials back in highschool, when I honestly had no business instructing anyone of anything. Now, mostly I make 3d tutorials. Most of them are here on my DA page.

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I found some of your wireframe planning drawings and realised they were all by the same person- you, I'm just learning 3D myself and I wanted to say that you're really good at it! :) I find the 3D printing you do also really cool, as well as your models, so I'll be watching your gallery. Keep up all the good work!
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hey man, i need you to post something on your 3d modeling group. I need an artwork made for me as a 3d render. Its not something I know how to make and would like someone to make it for me.
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Amazing work!!
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